Enjoin Inc.

Company Overview

Enjoin has made an unwavering commitment to help our customers access, share, and enjoy their digital multimedia content experience. The founders of Enjoin envision a future where digital media is a part of life the way a beautiful family portrait hangs in your home. It is something that can be reliably enjoyed everyday at anytime and connects you to a part of your life that you appreciate, but it is simple, unobtrusive, and undemanding.

From the version 5.0 Eyecopia supportactivity data export from employee tracking systems like Work Examiner (workexaminer.com) and others. This will allow to avoid cameras usage and deacrease the deployment price. Download now and enjoy Eyecopia monitoring features!

Enjoin is working hard to turn this vision into a reality by developing an entire line of innovative solutions that cut to the heart of digital multimedia content management, making it effortless for users to retrieve, manage, and share their digital media content in a secure environment. Enjoin is an experienced and dedicated software development organization that is highly focused on satisfying our customers’ needs.

Enjoin’s first product, Eyecopia, allows customers to simply and effectively achieve peace of mind with digital technology. The next wave of Enjoin products will bring the same laser-beam focus on customer needs to other digital media applications.

Enjoin, LLC is a privately held company located near metropolitan Indianapolis, IN.